Who are we?

We - Honorary Members of the Association - began operations under the name of "Afrika Initiative".
In the spring of 2014 Members decided to create out of "Afrika Initiative" a true association. In July 2014 the new Association was registered in the Register of Associations under the number 1311/2014, under the name "Couleurs afrik" - the colors of Africa

  • The association has set in its status the following objectives:
  • Promotion of culture and understanding through intercultural exchanges
  • Promoting the reconciliation of peoples, especially between Africans and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Promoting and improving coexistence between natives and Africans in our federal state
  • Promotion of an global reflection
  • Promotion of democracy and tolerance


To achieve these objectives the Association provides the following tasks:
Members are particularly active in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The Association would like to draw attention on to the social, economic and environmental realities in their origin countries through the organization of cultural events.
The Association would help expand the knowledge of Native about Africa, its men and its cultures.
The Association sees itself as a bridge between African cultures and Germany.
The Association is committed to humanitarian aid in crisis regions in Africa
The Association is committed more to initiate and promote economic relations and the exchange of goods and information between business enterprises of MV and the African countries

History of the Association
Under the influence of the Football World Cup of 2010 in South Africa, Africans living in Schwerin and their friends, natives,have taken the initiative to raise awareness of indigenous about African cultures. This is why we have chosen for our group, which at the time was not yet stable, the "Afrika Initiative".
In the youth's house of Schwerin "Dr. K", were organized around the FIFA World Cup 2010, various events. The singer and player of drum, Fati Koli of Togo, gave to the events the necessary African Feeling.
We also had the opportunity at one of these events, to greet the Mayor, Mrs Gramkow, who noticed how African rhythms agreed with mecklembourg sounds and expressed the wish to see this being perpetuated. Thus was born the idea of an African cultural festival -a day for Africa.